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  • Who can partner with GAYHILLS Inc?
    Any company registered as International Diversity Supplier
  • Where a company can register as International Diversity Supplier?
    First, has to be a member of any of the 14 LGBT Chamber of Commerce in the wold. Second, ask to the Chamber for the registration under the NGLCC platform
  • Which companies can register as International Diversity Suppliers
    Any company member of a LGBT Chamber of Commerce in the world who can certify that at least th 51% of the property and control of the company is of LGBTI people.
  • After the registration, how can I export to the USA?"
    After the registration contact us ( and we will check your products, research the market and create a business plan to export your products to any of the countries with LGBTI Chamber of Commerce in the world.
  • What is GayHills Inc?
    GayHills Inc., is a company based in the USA, focused in distribute globally the products of registered international diversity suppliers. The diversity supplier only has to worry about produce high-quality goods and GayHills will be in charge of Import/Export, e-commerce, distribution, supply chain, taxes, shipping, corporate relations, expo representation, marketing.
  • GayHills has any success story?
    Actually 3. 3 Brands of clothing from Colombia, members of the Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce and registered as International Diversity Suppliers are 3 cases. Successfully exporting to the USA and growing after the partnership. 1. ESTEVEZ Premium Beachwear 2. LOLOS +MORE LIFE 3. Paul Ferrer Premium Underwear
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