Frequently asked questions

Who can partner with GAYHILLS Inc?

Any company registered as International Diversity Supplier

Where a company can register as International Diversity Supplier?

First, has to be a member of any of the 14 LGBT Chamber of Commerce in the wold. Second, ask to the Chamber for the registration under the NGLCC platform

Which companies can register as International Diversity Suppliers

Any company member of a LGBT Chamber of Commerce in the world who can certify that at least th 51% of the property and control of the company is of LGBTI people.

After the registration, how can I export to the USA?

After the registration contact us (avasquez@gayhills.com) and we will check your products, research the market and create a business plan to export your products to any of the countries with LGBTI Chamber of Commerce in the world.

What is GayHills Inc?

GayHills Inc., is a company based in the USA, focused in distribute globally the products of registered international diversity suppliers. The diversity supplier only has to worry about produce high-quality goods and GayHills will be in charge of Import/Export, e-commerce, distribution, supply chain, taxes, shipping, corporate relations, expo representation, marketing.

GayHills has any success story?

Actually 3. 3 Brands of clothing from Colombia, members of the Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce and registered as International Diversity Suppliers are 3 cases. Successfully exporting to the USA and growing after the partnership. 1. ESTEVEZ Premium Beachwear www.EstevezUSA.com 2. LOLOS +MORE LIFE www.LolosUSA.com 3. Paul Ferrer Premium Underwear www.PaulFerrer.us